Urgent Request for Action

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Amnesty International

United Nation Refugee Agency

Human Rights Watch

Athens, 6 December 2017

Urgent Request for Action


On Monday 4 December 2017 in morning hours, Pasdaran (Iran's special security agency) invaded the house of Jamal Asakereh Kabi in Alahwaz, and arrested him. They were armed. They threatened and terrorized his mother and his sisters. They told him that they were instructed to execute him on the spot, and told his family that anyone who spoke about the incident would be executed.Since then he has been detained in an unknown place without being official charged. He is only being held because of his background: He is Arab. Jamal Asakereh Kabi is a prisoner of conscience.

The entire area of ​​Alahwaz is inhabited by Arabs and is under Iran's occupation.

Both the UN and Amnesty International have stressed the wrongfulness of minority arrests and violations in the area.

(i.e.: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2015/04/iran-sweeping-arrests-of-ahwazi-arab-activists/


We ask that all Human Rights organizations and Amnesty International to take immediate action for the release of Jamal Asakereh Kabi in Alahwaz

The tactics of the Pasdaran special security agency are known to all organizations, governmental and non-governmental and to the people working with and for Human Rights. His life is in danger.

Please forward to other organizations that can assist in pressuring for the release of Jamal Asakereh Kabi.


For any further information and thanking you in advance,



Jasem  Kabi 

Athens, 0030 6993661289









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