The Arab Front for the Liberation of Ahwaz condemns the terrorist act in the United Kingdom

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Condemns the criminal terrorist acts committed by the Terrorist criminal group called the Islamic State (ISIS) on 4th of Jun attack, Seven innocent people are dead and 48 have been hospitalized in two terrorist attacks in London.These terrorist operations are far from the values religions and humanitarian and not one expect the criminal group or satisfied with the ignominy of peoples and nations to be targeted with the crime and these people do not represent Islam and Muslims around the word.As it is the Arab Front for the Liberation of Ahwaz policy and believes emphasizing with people who was targeted by terrorist operations, we stand with solidarity by their side.What these obscurantism groups, have done, is the result of the world negligence to take a strong action against the peace and humanity enemy, which threatens stability in all parts of the world In this painful occasion events in London, we solitaries with the victims’ families, peoples, British government. We condemn any other criminal terrorist attacks operated by these terrorist organizations in any place around the world. Offering condolences over Victims and injured, wish to recovery and best.

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